Monday, April 18, 2011

Zynga stop Mafia war Game On Myspace

This is not a good sign for the social network where game developers are starting to close the application. And it seems that its gaming network Zynga Mafia Wars on MySpace housing with social problems.

After the arrest of Mafia Wars MySpace, MySpace Mafia Wars Zynga starts now, but encourage users to continue playing Mafia Wars message. It is interesting to note that the portal user Zynga own independent games, led the opposition to the user version of the game on Facebook.

We went to Zynga for comment, but it is likely that the game giant social stop playing because it is not enough to justify keeping the game alive for a player known for playing space, has 13 million active users, is unlikely that the Mafia Wars on your face is now Facebook's 16.8 million active users per month.

It is no secret that MySpace users are bleeding, and he really did not want Zynga resources on something that makes users are incredibly low. For those of you who Zynga games to play on Myspace, Zynga does not seem to close all its titles. Zynga Poker, YoVille, Vampire Wars Fashion Wars Special Forces and the pirates are still alive. For the time being.

Source - techcrunch

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