Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twitter 1.1 New For Blackberry was present, Adds Features Add Location

As a leading provider of BlackBerry services in the world, Research in Motion (RIM) has just announced the availability of Twitter For Blackberry official release version 1.1 of its customers. Application called Twitter 1.1 is reportedly available just now can be downloaded via the Blackberry App World.

Over the last six months, this application has been tested by the users of BlackBerry Beta Zone. And please note, BlackBerry Beta Zone is also known as software testing laboratory owned by RIM.

As one of the most interesting features of Twitter 1.1 carried her to the Blackberry device is Tweet Location. This feature allows the user to determine their own location and put it in their tweets.

To enable this feature, one need only press the Menu button, select Options, select Add Location To Tweet and then save the change. So Tweet Location feature is enabled, users will see a new compass icon that appears next to the box under the photo icon Tweet.

Penggunaannyapun very easy because users simply select the icon to add the location. After that, the BlackBerry smartphone will soon determine the location and automatically add them to any new Tweets disubmit. As for disabling this feature, users simply select the icon again.

They want to know the location of their friends just need to select the location of the icon that appears in the lower right corner to open their tweet map. With the assumption Add Location feature is enabled, then there will be a map showing the location of where your friends are when they mensubmit tweets.

Another new feature is also added to the 1.1 Twitter applications, including Push @ mentions and # Topic Autocomplete. Push @ mention for feature allows the user to receive notifications on their BlackBerry smartphone each time they are mentioned on Twitter. While # Topic Autocomplete feature displays a list of keywords based on words that have been previously dihash-tag in Tweets, retweets, or in other words the selected / searched in the Popular Topics, and in applications like Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones.

Application of this new version also introduces support for additional languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Czech and Thai.

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