Monday, April 18, 2011

Simple SEO Tips for Small Enterprises

Research and Marchex to small businesses, increasing the priority area of ​​SEO for small businesses. When we ask for small business SEO is important for their business, 53% say very important.

In addition, the changes underway in search algorithms (Panda updates, as the youngest of Google) data and the impact of these changes in the company, the format, it is important that small business strategy reflexive reference. Here are some simple SEO techniques small businesses can do today to improve your position in search engines:

Ensuring the technical realization of the site is search engine friendly sites,

most platforms are available for this course, but if the parties, what do you think about the structure of folders, maps, and the legibility of HTML. Most web designers spend a lot of time looking at the provision of attractive graphics, human society, but be aware that search engines look at the site through the lens very technical.

No style points here! If the site is very difficult to flash, make sure that this is a text description, lives in an HTML Help index for bots. Think home page or a syringe and construction, instead of the home page with descriptions and references to the content areas of the site.

Make a list of keywords for your site you can see, without thinking too much

* for three or four ways to search the site, if you find it easy to absorb. Ask friends and family the same question and compile the results. Chances are that there is some overlap, and you'll quickly see what the conditions, it can be done in the first place. So look at each and every application to have its position on the results page and save. Stop when you can not find, after ten pages.

If you can not find until now do not expect all the other entries! If you could focus on other sites listed in the results on the first page for each request. They are similar to his? Local or national? If you compete for your business? When choosing your keywords above, it is important to be honest, as some words can be in competition. You should assume that others are looking for on your site in search results.

See if you can separate the list into three groups: Low

* competition is weak - it is the perfect place to start. Put the sign on top of their priority list. You have the best record in first class.

* For reduced rates, excellent working hours, high competition - one more chance (as evidenced by competitors), but if you have the right to feel that there may be more expensive to launch a long-term, more advanced, based on keywords.

* Photos of Top Rank - The good news is that genius has done much, but you must continue to monitor the efficiency of the process. Later, you can join this group if you are not satisfied with the result. At this point you have two or three keywords at the top of their list of priorities.

Make sure your site contains a textual description of the first two or three key words here and start stabbing, and the process of creative / creative. The purpose of this step is simple: web sites for small businesses;?

If you find someone on your site in search of these conditions, if the site listed in search engines like to see what is usually one of the main page. It should be noted that, of course, a few sentences that describe the company, and somehow weave in the first three words. Evaluate the success of these keywords, keep an eye on your page rank to see if there is movement.

Leaving on your site or blog for each keyword is involved is also a good way, the customers, you know everything about the products or services that explain stakeholders Picture Show, friend or parent in five minutes what they want this area. Writing more than 200 to 300 words and should not be targeted keywords for more than two or three times in the list. Remember that it should be as natural and easy to read, but much called keywords.

Post links to your site and / or important pages of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as these blogs or articles on your site, it's nice to find it. Top social networking sites such as this provides easy access and contacts.

Search engines as a starting point and follow the links for the analysis, it is easier to stay in touch with friends and customers first. It seems that every page on Facebook these days!

Ask friends or contacts is something great on your site, use a keyword in the list and select it as a link to your website. Traditionally, as a link exchange, to be known, and even if sometimes it is not treated in large quantities, is a good exercise for the real marginal with original content. But this link should be a significant and tangible value to say reader.

In, Link is contextual. Search engines have more pages with external links, benefiting from various sources on pages with little or no mirrors. A simple way is that the search link on your site, trust.

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