Monday, April 18, 2011

Shepherding the wind

He recently invested about $ 100 million Shepherds Flat Wind Farm will be the largest wind in the world. Shepherds Flat is under construction close to the wind in Arlington, Oregon, in 2012 and once completed will generate 845 MW of energy. This is enough wind power to more than 235 000 homes.

This project is interesting for us, given the size and scale, but also because it makes use of advanced technologies. This will be the first commercial wind farm in the United States to reach the turbines, generators, permanent magnet technology used in turbine technology, performance, reliability and connectivity to improve speech. Although the technology is installed outside of the United States, is another important step to reduce the cost of wind energy in the long run in VS

Shepherds Flat Wind Farm under construction in the center
of town with me and my colleagues and Matthew Keel Arielle Bertman.
Shepherds Flat will help Oregon remains one of the largest producers of wind power in a country, while a significant direct economic benefits of the state. The project will also benefit the region of California to achieve the ambitious targets for renewable energy from wind and clean living resources. Electricity is produced in Shepherds apartment will be sold with longer-term Southern California Edison.

We are pleased to participate in the project with strong partners and experienced programmers, Caithness Energy, and GE, the first investors in Shepherds Flat, and producers of operation, maintenance of equipment and suppliers. Our co-investors, Sumitomo Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation and Tyr Energy, a subsidiary of Itochu Corporation, both with extensive experience in energy projects.

This project brings our total investment in clean energy for more than $ 350 million, including our recent investment in solar photovoltaic project in the German light source Ivanpah Solar solar tower in the world. We are happy to support the delivery of clean energy to fuel the fears and hopes that the new investment of other companies on how you can think of the development of renewable energy to accelerate encouraged. We are still looking for other projects that have an economic sense and will help us all the advantages of clean and renewable energy.

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