Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SEO Checklist is a web designer

SEO also has some points to be considered when designing a site for. So here I propose a designer & need some points to be considered by the developer.

1. Flagstaff Hotels Page URL is a static URL to the page content on a particular (ie, with the theme of Flagstaff - hotel) should be a must.

2. / H1 category name products / services please put.

3. Products on the same page / services / Call the heading title.

4. Products on the same page / Services / Meta is when given individually call a headline.

5. Product / service description Product / Service Name (keyword) Get.

6. Possible product / service as stressed EM, I, U, B is strong.

7. Just on the spot "URL most like" a URL, short, please do not orientation specific keywords.

8. Image 1 is not putting any keyword as an alternative force-defined images.

9. In the heart, with a description and content, creating a dynamic sitemap of the site continue to cover nearly every page. In addition, each URL is a very specific title (per page of content / products / services to provide.)

10. Creating a Robots.txt

11. Anchor text (the most specific page content by using the product name hyperlink.)

12. Please as search engine friendly and well. Those fancy robots as well as simple and easy navigation.

SEO Checklist is a web designer

1. SEO website design not just as a point of, at first sight for visitors may be very elaborate Web you can guess the site's business.

2. When you place the very highest possible content of most (but not compromising the quality of the layout and design have left), please.

3. Navigation from the top or long (but please do not compromise the design of layout and design can be left)

4. All products / services and if the main type of home (which also has easy access for all products with a single click, the search engine / product helps to crawl pages instantly Service) Please help to emphasize the potential users.

5. Products and services subject to the full product name, all the pictures or the name of each image prd1 product1 flagpole that is not - hotel.gif Flagstaff Hotel image must be specified as that.

6. ) Images without text in the coder (a product name / Please put the service name.

8. Renamed spacer.gif / pixel.gif / zero.gif major clients such as product / service (if the supplier popcornsupplier.gif as popcorn) is.

Flash SEO Tips for Designers

1. Check the Flash-based representation noembed text using tags.

2. swf themes for each service as the exact file name and the full deployment, multimedia fireworks ... if not only, with the use of multimedia and multimedia fireworks fireworks.swf.

3. Html embed Hisashi Tooru provides meta description and title page and or any static.

4. Possible copyright, Sitemap, terms, if you save a page using text links instead of the condition. Each flash page static navigation (give the product / service /) for.

5. Provide a title and description instance.

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