Saturday, April 16, 2011

Samsung Nexus S Gingerbread test

Born from the collaboration between Google and Samsung Nexus S shows a design profile "round" that is actually easy to handle and a large curved display, designed to offer support to face more ergonomic.

The interface, for those already accustomed to using Android, does not offer many surprises and presents the five customizable home screen (with more widgets and shortcuts used), even if the adoption of the new OS some Gingerbread innovation and improvement has been introduced anyway. These included a scroll bar for reporting more readable, the selection for copy and paste it easier to use and a new virtual keyboard is benefiting from a greater space between the keys is to expedite the multitouch writing special characters.

Furthermore, it integrates the direct support of SIP-based VoIP phone calls, allowing you to make calls directly from the phone book, and offers the possibility to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can share your 3G mobile phone with up to five devices. In this case Ia battery life, use that with a rather "intense" arrives a day and a half, he reduced a lot. The support for NFC (Near Field Communication) could in the future to make micro-payments by mobile phone: in Milan, for example, is being tested part of the public transport ATM.

The Nexus S Super Clear LCD display has a 4-inch, without being the Super AMOLED (mounted on models instead of overseas) offers realistic colors and good brightness and contrast. The difference with the LED technology is perceived "only" in bright sunlight, when it becomes a bit 'difficult to see the contents of the screen. The glossiness of the surface does not help, which creates some annoying glare. The processor is a single-core 1 GHz that performs very well: the system is fluid, the reaction is to quickly and easily, even with multiple applications open at once, and the speed of loading pages in Wi-Fi and 3G is more than good. Equally valid in call quality and reception, as well as the data is downloaded with a good speed.

The Nexus is S so overall a good phone, but it is not without its critics: there is a MicroSD card slot and the price (549 euro) is not exactly cheap. It is available open market, but if you want it to cost a "soft" can be purchased with Vodafone by signing the offer smarter with Vodafone, which provides for a monthly fee of 29 € for 24 months, with 1 GB of Internet traffic included.

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