Monday, April 11, 2011

Samsung's New 2.0 Present Bada July 2011?

Yesterday (april 07) the French Mission Samsung held a press conference at which he told about the successes of last year, plans for 2011, promoting bada 2.0, and most importantly, provided the first information on future phones Wave with the new version platforms.
For the 2010 Samsung France sold 8.8 million phones and 2.1 million smartphones, making a total of 10.9 million vehicles. In 2011, the company's plans, will sell 5.5 million phones and smartphones, and 6 million. Of these, 25% will come from devices based on Android, and bada, as well as 5% - for Windows Mobile 7.

In 2010, France had sold 1.2 million phones Wave. At the moment the platform bada takes in this country in third place with the figure of 20,1%, only 0.4% giving Apple its iOS (20,5%). In the first place sits Android with 31.3 percent. Of the 100 million downloads of Samsung Apps 16 million occurred in France. Of the 5,000 applications available in the store, 500 developed in this country.

badaworld already reported that this year will release three new models, Wave, one of which is already announced Wave 578 on the basis of bada 1.1. Two other models, while having no name, will be based on bada 2.0.

First, is the new flagship, will be released in September, and will be equipped with 3.65-inch screen, support for third-generation networks Standard HSDPA 7.2, two cameras (basic - 5 megapixels), wireless modules, NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi. The third phone, the appearance of which is expected in November, a representative of low-cost line.

His differences from the current members will be 3.14-inch screen, similar to the flagship support for HSDPA 7.2 and NFC-chip. According to Samsung France, before the end of 2011 the number of applications in the Samsung Apps reach 10 000 units, while the number of downloads in only one of France will increase to 50 million.

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