Monday, April 18, 2011

occupational disease recognized by PC

By too much work on mouse and keyboard can
lead to permanent, painful inflammation

It's official: intensive and sustained work on the computer can make you sick! The Aachen Administrative Court has recognized a chronic tenosynovitis as an occupational disease.

The court gave a 42-year Treasury official law. The intensive work with mouse and keyboard is the cause for their chronic tenosynovitis (case number 1203/09 1K).

The defendant State of North-Rhine Westphalia have denied the relationship, told the court. Due to the recognition that women now have the right to so-called accident insurance benefits. This means a higher pension or paying for a treatment.

A court spokesman said that ruling principles have this character: "He who works so hard at the computer as the applicant has a good chance that this disease as an occupational disease is recognized. "

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