Monday, April 11, 2011

New Nokia Symbian Applications Drop Easy Share Photos, Links & Change Wallpaper

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We invite you to try Nokia Drop me, a simple and easy way to push content to devices ^ 3 and Symbian Symbian S60 5th Edition. Nokia proudly presents the first of three features: change the homescreen wallpaper your phone, send pictures to your phone, and send interesting links for your phone, so you can read articles on your mobile web address without writing a long and difficult.

Let us look deeper at the change your wallpaper. Did you ever notice how many clicks you need to do before you changed the wallpaper? And if you see a good picture on the website that you want to have as a wallpaper, it takes quite a long time to have it flow as wallpaper.

But now, thanks to the Push Notification and Nokia Drop will be very easy to do this. Drop by Nokia mobile phones that have been installed in your browser, and extensions have been installed into your browser, you can now send a wallpaper from a public web site easily to your device. All this happened without a cable or Bluetooth connection or synchronization.

This technical solution that provides a great opportunity to add different types of content to your device. So just wait, will have features and more detailed information later. While we would appreciate your feedback on this first set of features.

Want to download? Go to:

To be more clearly can watch this video:

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