Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to : Lots of tips for choosing secure passwords

When working on the computer and the internet, it happens all the time that you must choose a password. Passwords are for example the application of their own computer, you need to use an e-mail account for online banking or shopping in online stores.

Since it is easy with this password-abundance lose track, one is quickly tempted to choose simple passwords to use for different services and over again the same password or the passwords down right next to the computer on a piece of paper.

Very easy to decipher passwords such as a name, nickname or a name in combination with a birthday (eg Sabine49 or Schatzi05101951). A password that consists solely of letters is far too easy to find out.

Who can decipher my password?
  • The risk that a password should be cracked is, of course, not only when it is broken into a home. This case is fortunately rather rare.
  • But while working on the computer and the Internet, there are other dangers that you should be aware of any case, so that negligent behavior can be avoided.
  • For example, by fraud (in computer jargon, these hackers called) used specially designed programs that are supplied with the full knowledge and Duden dictionaries.
  • All words that have meaning are thus not a good choice for a secure password.
How can I choose a secure password?
  • It is important that is always a combination of letters (with upper and lowercase), numbers, and whenever possible characters (eg -?!_) chosen as the password.
  • In addition, selected letters long word with no direct relevance to be.
  • Also, a password is too short to crack too easily. It should have at least 8-10 characters.
  • It is also very important that you respect it, periodic change your passwords, and that you continue to give them another person to (especially not on an email message).

For many providers on the Internet, most of these conditions are predetermined fortunate to.

And as I can remember multiple passwords?

This is a very good question, have to manage, especially since most PC and Internet users a number of passwords.

A very good way is to build a crib, and as a letter-number-letter combination of a set of create, only you can you remember. Here's an example:.

From the set: M a L i st ieblingsessen P asta m it G orgonzolaso├če u nd S ALAT

You can create the letter combination MLiPmGuS. Now you are missing numbers and signs. So you could from MLiPmGuS password MLiPmGuS-2 and make you realize that you prefer pasta 2 times a week on eating :-)

Of course this is only a theoretical example and I'm sure you can think of better and, above all, secure letter-number combinations of characters for your passwords.

Multiple passwords for different services you can easily remember then you still, always adding the same root password, so MLiPmGuS-2 uses, and then a corresponding key for the service (eg gm for Gmail) on your root password pending.

So you have you write down your passwords are not guaranteed, and if you change your passwords, you can do this the same for all your services done at the same time and choose a new password root.

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