Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to : Increasing Number of Visitor - Good SEO

Increasing the number of visitors to the blog with good SEO techniques to increase the SERP , we must first determine that we make it a blog wordpres, blogspot, Drupal, Joomla or other CMS. To increase the number of visitors , are advised to use wordpress. Why Wordpress? besides free / free wp is also very dynamic to the redesign as we want. Increase the number of visitors is very important because the number of visitors we can memonetize our blog with decent results.

There are several plugins to add SEO. Plugin for our blog more SEO include:

1. All in one SEO pack
2. Google Sitemap Generator
3. Breadcrumb
4. Search Term Tagging 2
5. Cbnet Ping Optimizer
6. XML Sitemap
7. Seo pressor
8. Yet Another Related Post
9. WP-PageNavi
10. WP SEO Tags

In addition to utilizing plugins to add seo permalink correct settings can also optimize your blog's Search Engine. If you do not understand how good shape please stray permalink here. Hehe, How to SEO Wordpress permalink settings . With the plugin plugin installed in your blog at least your blog visitors has increased, if it is not possible SEO writing techniques on the page that is less true. That was a few tips and tricks to increase the number of visitors.

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