Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Improve Notebook

Notebook hard drives are very important for us to store our data, but sometimes all of a sudden because of a power failure or because it is old, hard drive can suddenly be difficult and slow access, damaged or not legible. Sometimes a bit difficult to fix the hard drive, but of course there is also a way to detect the damage and try to fix the hard drive so that we can take appropriate steps and quick. Here I will explain the ways to repair a damaged hard drive follows some type of hard drive damage and repair steps are:

1. Bad Sector

To handle this there are several experimental ways, depending on the number of bad sectors.

- For the first handler, you can use the command FORMAT C: / C (adjust the drive which will be formatted). Parameter / C is used to clean up the cluster which is broken.
- Step two, if not managed can use the Disk Manager program supplied by the factory hard drive brand you if there is

- Try HDDREG you can use the software, please download on the internet program.
- Just how Low Level Format or Zero Files.
- The last to issue bad sectors, you can do cutting damaged sector of hard disks which, by way of re-partition the hard drive and left free on the hard drive of the estimated number of bad sectors (I've cut up to 5 GB).

2. The loss of the hard drive and Data Partitioning

This is usually caused by a virus or error using utility programs. One is to be considered in hard drive partition to restore the lost, the hard drive capacity and type of file system. Partition with a FAT File System is more easily restored than NTFS or Linux File System.
- Check the first hard disk partition by using FDISK or Disk Manager
- To restore it can use software such as Acronis Disk Director, Handy Recovery, Stellar Phoniex etc.

3. Unable to Boot

Usually the hard drive is still detected in BIOS but always an error message appears when the computer is doing the POST (Power On Self Test). This is usually caused FIRMWARE troubled from the hard disk. For these symptoms are more common in Maxtor brand hard drive series with the names of Gods. To fix it you can download the firmware program from the hard drive brand website.

4. Not Detected in BIOS

It was a physical problem and to fix we need a little tweaking tooling electronic devices and components inside. Menganggulangi hard drive is not detected by the BIOS in many ways.
- Check the electrical current which flows into the hard drive, make sure the cable is plugged solid.
- Replace the IC on the mainboard Harddisk
- Open the Cover Cover your hard disk and check the position of Head hard drive
- How extreme yg yg damaged hard disk drive can dikanibal with the others who keruskan different, can be a way to replace mainboardnya or take her IC.

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