Thursday, April 14, 2011

Google Calendar launched birthday dynamic display of the calendar date today Web icon

April 2006 the formal launch of Google Calendar, Google Calendar today is the fifth birthday, so the Google Calendar team decided to give the user a "gift"? That is the introduction to "dynamic display today's date," the Web site icon! After you enter the Google Calendar, the browser will not see the stereotyped pattern of 31, and can display the date today.

But if you immediately went to the Google Calendar web site now, it may not necessarily be able to see this dynamic new icon, because this new feature will be in the next few days, after another update to all Google Calendar users.

So looking forward to this new feature of the friends, the next few days, a lot of attention to your own web site icon is changed? And if you really can not wait, then, in fact I have already introduced a calendar icon to change the gadget: " Google Calendar Calendar ugly transformation of the new page icon, dynamic display today's date ", which indeed is a very useful function! Finally, I also wish to use the current primary calendar: Google Calendar, happy birthday it!

PS remember to Google Calendar " nail election "," fixed "to the browser tab bar front end, better.

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