Monday, April 18, 2011

Four Square is a stone with a color photo common

Studies of the Foursquare Gospel, the use of position, has more internal hackathons weekend you will find a series of historical context to bring the check-in. If users are now back at the check-in not only their images but also images of friends who were also registered for the event, to be taken?

Sound familiar? The color has a similar experience for the user, but it is easier to get to shoot in color Foursquare Foursquare convince users that the consumers of color.

What is it like? The company describes in his blog:

We never accepted that it is who you are, it was hard to take pictures of friends, events. The way to keep in mind that if you blink 'iPhone 3G for restaurant terrible, was not visible at dusk or at a critical moment during a birthday party, when his nephew treasure pants on his head? [...] It works great for events, snacks, prepared, and things like concerts. Other background images and memories. And if your friends are watching the same screen, they see their friends who were with her and pictures of people. All in one place.

The color has a similar experience, but has a different approach to the terminals. Instead of focusing on explicit links - that is, the popular social networks - seems to be closer to users and to create the tabernacle. Friendship resist social networks, instead of determining people's friends, persistent connections, social ties based on the color in this area. More photos in the person of a close relationship ever. Four square posts with standard Yes, my friend; method. This means that the color was more pictures, Foursquare, but have a meaning? Maybe.

Facebook has recently occurred and mobile application characteristics. Is there an easy way for the rapid exchange of photos to your mobile phone check-in case it would be easy to enter the room and competition. With the popularity of Facebook in the city center, share photos and events with friends, would probably step in and supported as a location for this type of cooperation, the creation of a photographic memory. .. but we want to, depending on the Foursquare.

Color, it seems that if the application is based on an interesting technology, but I'm not so sure you can convince people to use it enough to make it interesting, though. And if people see that beautiful picture he had to start using the application a straightforward experience of friendship, captured in color. It can be seen in action in history next to the Foursquare Gospel by clicking on the check-in to see more details.

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