Monday, April 11, 2011

Folder Trick Quick Search

You must have open and save files in specific folders on your hard drive. And when you work with computers more often, then find the Open dialog box or Save As, then surely it will require a lot of time to navigate or find the desired folder.

Here are tips and tricks on the computer to find the folder quickly, especially using the features in Windows 7 operating system. You can use the Recent Places features are available under 'Favorites' when you open a Windows Explorer window.

Recent Places are not the same as the Recent Documents in Windows Start menu. When you click the Recent Places, will be appearing or folders that you've opened before. Click one of the desired folder, and open. No need to waste time finding a lot of drive and subfolders.

If you do not see the option for Recent Places in the left pane of Windows Explorer, so you can make it visible, by choosing organize -> Layout -> Navigation Pane.

Good luck.

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