Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facebook in a minute what happens?

Facebook is already bound to go up a lot of websites every day, and stay very long, we are curious, Facebook Web site about how much activity 

there, Time magazine in this video tell you.

Share Links per minute to share with the number per minute: 50,304

Photo Taged per minute tag number of photos per minute: 66,168

Event Invite each minute invitation to the number of events per minute: 74,204

Wall Post every minute text per minute, the number of PO: 79,364

Status Updates every minute status updates every minute quantity: 82,557

Friend request approved each minute per minute number through a friend Audit: 98,604

Photo uploaded every minute for every minute the number of photos uploaded: 135,849

Messages sent every minute the number of message passing per minute: 231,605

Likes every 60 seconds every minute like by number: 382,861

Comments every minute the number of message per minute: 510,404

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