Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facebook, and other functions for the release of iPhone users check event

The official face book app on the iPhone that users will now be able to check on upcoming events in the United States. The Feisubukkubajon 3.4 was released on Monday morning to upgrade the Pureishizu map view, and, iPhone has been made to remove the ability to interface directly from the book's.

Check-in feature of the event, the application "events" section has been provided or are currently participating in the event check in, we can make plans to attend the event to be held in upcoming events and neighborhood . Also, if you join the face book event with friends, but friends can also be tagged using the check-in.

If you are a frequent user of Feisubukkupureishizu "Pureishizu" It will also help the new maps are available in the section. In this map, or switch to map view of the normal list view, we can check to confirm.

Finally, the book face "Remove from friends" selections, which are painted in big red button (on the photo below), maintains a list with ease on the phone, watching and other information on your posts will be able to manage people who can and can not.

Currently 200 million to 5,000 million people use mobile users, most of them (including me) iPhone is using. This new feature, we will be on mobile social networking penetration worldwide will face book is one important strategy.

I want to use the new features would have been? Using this feature definitely friends, Foursquare , go straw, and other location-based services (LBS) and to consider more than the exchange is made, I finally think I want to use LBS as a will now have to admit.

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