Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple releases iTunes 10.2.2

Rejoice, comrades committed fans of the users of Apple's iTunes a little update, the only exception, fix bugs and improve stability of the released;.

ITunes grabbed 10.2.2 solves problems, particularly when a hiccup in the process of IOS devices worn. iTunes does not exclude the possibility of synchronization, and more effort and time IPAD Sync IOS images do not exist. full list of changes goes a bit 'of something like this:

* Solves the problem, iTunes can not react when the timing iPad.
* Fixed an issue with syncing photos with iPhone, iPhone or iPod touch can more than necessary.
* Fixed problem with displaying video from the iTunes Store can be ignored during playback.
* Addresses issues, such as increased stability and performance.

iTunes for Mac 10.2.2 Update is 75.59MB, the support document from Apple. Update version on my iMac is 24.5MB.

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