Sunday, April 10, 2011

Air control to Gmail!

Bhopal postal stamp if you send a message to put on the spit with her ​​body language will make paste. Also shown in the video that the whole email can be written to physical gestures. Google's team of people April - made ​​flowers that they can control their mail through the emotions. But it took another company and the fun as the idea turned into reality.

Know how: Gmail Team April - Flowers make the TOP of the big try. Motion Gmail Beta "A New Two Kaamjoniket they 'name was reported in a video entry that now anyone new, revolutionary computing technology with the help of excellent and Gmail can control their bodily gestures. This includes email open, read, send.

Usually taken up its fun and people have forgotten the next day to come. However, the entry in the minds of the few lights lit. Idea that video games control the motion sensor control is possible with the help of Gmail. It made ​​it possible action and Artikuletad Flechjibal Skeleton Toolkit (FAST) of the developers. FAST is a middleware computer games or applications Acharoal reality provides a complete physical control.

The Motion Sensor Camarayukh between computer systems such as Microsoft Kaynecto and works to better coordinate. Gmail for controlling video games with motion sensor Kaynecto fast motion of the fine were used and the way Gmail April - the flower has made ​​serious reality. Fast developer Evan A. Suma says that even if the application funny and were absurd, but the future of computing technology, limitless, infinite power displays.

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