Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3D Technology on the iPad 2 coupled with Head Technical Perspective

Now that iPad 2 have front facing camera and the ability of a qualified processor, there are a lot of potential that can benefit from this iPad 2. Now the time of 3D makes the researchers also want to display the 3D iPad 2.

Through the information we get from Tuaw.com we found that the researchers had made the initial prototype and says the technology is head-coupled perspective and the result is, as you can see on the pictures and the video below to display the 3D representation in 2D screen which can be moved to follow the point of view when you see it.

As seen through a small window, the display will dynamically display the 3D effects are fairly convincing. Considering all you need for technology in the camera facing forward, then all the needs of hardware devices already available on the apple iphone 4 ipad 2 or later. We can see some 3D application interface is smart enough to be followed when tilting the device.

When this feature is only 3D technology demo, but there is a possibility of an emerging applications utilizing this technology in the near future. You can view the 3D demo video on the iPad 2 below:

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