Saturday, March 26, 2011

RMAF Awaiting AWACS For Defensive Missions

26 Maret 2011

EMB 145 AEW&C : one of candidates for RMAF AEW&C (photo : Indiaforum)

ALOR SETAR: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) wants to have the Airborne Warning and Control System (Awacs) at its disposal to ensure the sovereignty of the air space for maximum security.

Air Force chief Gen Rodzali Daud said although the ownership of Awacs involved huge expenditure, the air force needed to have full control of air surveillance for tactical and defensive missions.

"We had sought the asset in the 7MP (Seventh Malaysia Plan) and is still awaiting it in the 10MP,” he told reporters after presenting flight wings to 43 trainees who attended various courses at the Air Force College, Kepala Batas, here today.

He said the RMAF was currently equipped with the ground radar and land command in the country’s air surveillance system.

In addition, he said, ownership of assets such as Eurocopter (EC725) from 2013, and strategic transport aircraft, Airbus A400M in 2015 would enhance the integrity of the air force.

“However, the ownership will not completely replace old aircraft. Instead they will complement existing aircraft such as the Nuri,” he said.

“To replace the Nuri, the RMAF requires 27 E725 aircraft. However, only 12 aircraft will be delivered by 2014,” he added.

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