Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google "content farm" algorithm to adjust has begun to take effect

Google's actions did not think so quickly, on February 25 announced plans to network the time to fight spam, and today March 1, has been part of the website claims site traffic, ranking all of the fallen. Now Google may also continue to adjust, perhaps not over yet.

Thinking billion euros originally estimated that Google is mainly forms of content for those articles, to combat. But now from the results, a lot of e-commerce sites have also been affected to varying degrees. Therefore, any low-quality content may be in the scope of the fight against Google, not just a mean article.

The scope of this adjustment, not just for some small sites, and even well-known sites are within this range. According to this point can also be seen, Google's algorithm for the adjustment may only be conducted from the perspective of the contents of a single judge. Adjustment of the previous algorithm, the vast majority are comprehensive adjustment of various factors, many of the sites because they have a lot of quality links and avoid the algorithm.

Matt Cutts said that continuing to provide the depth of original content sites, ranking will be improved. The current adjustment range is mainly in the United States, will be gradually extended to the outside of the U.S. search requests. 

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