Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CCleaner 3.05 windows clean up the most favorable assistant, update support IE9, Firefox 4

WinCleaner One-Click (Up to 3 Users)" CCleaner "is indeed a very serious clean-up in the system responsible for doing free software, which in addition to their very stable, very few mistakes, the clean-up effects are great, the other is no extra features, the best to concentrate on the various clean-up The attitude is admirable. And it's updated very frequently, for example, a CCleaner 3.05 update yesterday, the first full support for Firefox 4 , IE9 clean-up.

Although I am doing a lot of system clean up, essentially using the " Toolbox IObit free free installation, everything good-to-use system optimization toolbox "This software, and I'm not very sure whether the software has not been updated for a certain not fully clear the Firefox 4 browser and other new information?

However, the official release CCleaner article of view, the new version CCleaner 3.05 does claim to support the new browser on the more complete the clean-up. Apart from this, new version of CCleaner can also clean up the registry to better remove unwanted software, information, and add support for iTunes , Steam, Adobe Air , Skype, Pidgin, Yahoo Messenger, uTorrent, etc. software to clean up work is really worth in the use of friends up there to update Hello!

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