Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia Attract Bing, Microsoft Can Ovi Maps

Microsoft and Nokia officially work together to make the Windows OS-based phones Phone 7. The two companies are going to help each other snapper sailed the severity of the smartphone industry.

Not just a matter of making partner software and hardware, Nokia also will be involved in marketing and roadmap Windows Phone 7. Then let alone? Surely symbiotic mutualism that benefits both parties, condensed in this agreement.

Bing would certainly become the default search engine in a variety of Nokia mobile phone products, while Microsoft adCenter will serve search ads on Nokia devices. Microsoft itself certainly had access Ovi Maps map technology, which will be integrated into the Bing and adCenter.

As quoted from Neowin, Friday (11/02/2011), Nokia application store will also be provided in Windows 7 Phone market place. They will build the ecosystem together, to emulate the iPhone and Android.

Windows 7 Phone today is not so uphill though it was produced several major manufacturers such as HTC or Samsung. Close partnership with Nokia may be melt popularity.

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