Friday, February 11, 2011

Android Applications Can Run on BlackBerry Playbook?

Delays BlackBerry Playbook pitch in the tablet market is considered special because of the store moments after conquering his rivals. Issues currently being discussed is bustling about the possibility if the Playbook can be used to run applications that run on the Android OS.

The news was not derived from Research In Motion (RIM), as the manufacturer of BlackBerry. But emerged from

a number of sources close to the situation said.

They also mention at this time if RIM was working to develop technology for QNX operating system running on the Playbook can run smoothly when pinned Android application in it.

Added the source, a Canadian vendor had already consulted with third-party developers to make this realization. And now, already included in the formulation stage at the internal level.

Now, the ball is in the hands of developers RIM. If this mission goes well, undoubtedly Playbook will have tremendous power. Because, bolstered by Google's market base is increasingly meraksasa applications.

Quoted from Digital Trends, Friday (11/02/2011), RIM assessed deliberately concocting this strategy to expand the market for tablet they can more easily acceptable to the market.

Moreover, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry was faced with a tough task to break the dominance of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other competitors. Especially if you see Playbook coming somewhat late to market.

As a result, to maintain market momentum and achieve public confidence, Playbook also must bring something new and fresh. Do the market with another product.

Playbook itself is planned to be released officially by RIM in the first quarter of 2011. Rumored, around March. As for Asian markets, including Indonesia, will taste the tablet PC is dual core processors coming in the second quarter.

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