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Palindo Orders ICCS for Indonesian Missile Fast Attack Craft

15 Januari 2010

EID’s ICCS rack redundant central processors and power supply unit. ICCS provides secure, fast and reliable communications for any type of warship, from patrol boats and submarines to aircraft carriers and Destroyers. (photo : EID/Naval Technology)

Palindo Marine, the Indonesian shipbuilder, placed an order for ICCS systems to be installed on board two missile fast attack boats, currently being built at their premises.

Missile Fast Attack Craft currently built by PT. Palindo Marine for TNI-AL (photo : Ipenk)

EID’s ICCS - Integrated Communications Control System

The coordination and management of the ship’s assets is crucial to the success of naval operations. Communications play a vital role, providing the means for interchanging and gathering information within a network-centric environment.

The need for secure and reliable transmission techniques, together with the increasing complexity of tactical scenarios, requires efficient control and management of the available on-board resources, therefore calling for an effective integration of the various communication subsystems.

To cope with such demands, EID developed ICCS (Integrated Communications Control System), a state-of-the-art system specifically designed to automate and integrate all the communication-related tasks of warships, from patrol boats to aircraft carriers and submarines.

ICCS is available in two different implementations: ICCS5 with TDM technology and ICCS6 featuring IP technology.


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